About Us

Who we are and why Small Office Search is our passion

Small Office Search has strived to create:

  • A simple search site that helps businesses and individuals find their perfect space.
  • A place for owners to list, post, and manage their buildings for one low price, no matter how many offices are in the building.
  • A real estate resource specializing in just small offices. Where owners and tenants can meet.

If you are interested in learning more about Small Office Search, have ideas, questions, or want investing information, please email us through the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

Guy Scavone II, Founder and CEO

Guy founded and currently serves as the CEO of Small Office Search. Prior to founding Small Office Search, he founded Scavone Property Solutions, a commercial property brokerage in Detroit, Michigan. Guy has been in commercial real estate for over 10 years and has brokered over $100 Million in real property transactions. He received his BA from Michigan State University.

Chris George, Founder and COO

Chris co-founded and currently serves as COO of Small Office Search. Prior to his time with SOS Chris participated in more than a dozen real property equity transactions representing more than $20M in invested capital. He began his career in the real estate industry as an investor and developer and is still a partner in mutliple Michigan office buildings that fit into the small office category. Chris received his BA from the University of Michigan.

Jim Renaud, Creative Director and CTO

Jim once battled a pack of wolves with nothing more than his wits and a pb&j sandwich. He now bares the scars of that improbable battle. When he's not waxing poetic about music he's busy designing for the likes of Asana, Facebook, Mozilla, ESPN, and when he has time, even Small Office Search.

Why We Started Small Office Search

It all started on a chilly fall day in 2010. Looking at the commercial property market, real estate broker Guy Scavone and investor Chris George saw a critical need to match property owners (and their brokers) with tenants in search of small offices and executive suites. Chris and Guy believed they could create a compelling business and value proposition within the "office property" space for buildings and units smaller than 3,000 square feet. Space which traditionally had been unprofitable for brokers and hard to find for tenants. So, they set out to find a solution for both owners and tenants.

The market for executive suites, single offices, and small flex space has been fragmented and solutions for leasing are hard to come by for owners and brokers. Through hundreds of calls, online research, and diligence, it quickly became clear that an efficient web based service for this narrowly defined "sub-market" would quickly be adopted by those on both sides of the lease. Brokers time and again told us there wasn't enough time in the day (money) to effectively represent owners of small space.

The market seemed limitless and there was a huge void for effective leasing solutions specifically for the small office, executive suite, and flex space owners and users. Any online solutions that did exist were ad-hock, not narrowly focused, and simply did not solve the hurdles in front of owners, brokers and prospective tenants. A new online service was needed to truly simplify the way small office and executive suite owners met tenants. What we have done gives small business owners and individuals more time to focus on their true passion: growing their businesses.

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